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Feather 11

[This is... this is awful. Nall wouldn't be able to put words to the situation, everything being devistated. Town smashed all to heck, stuck in flying kitty form...

OK, Nall has a list of things to do in his head:

1) Find his friends, make sure they're alright
2) Find water source
3) Organize shelter

Is Alex OK? Are his roomies? chaos, Tarvek, Ilsa, Beast Boy? He's not sure, but he's going to find out...

1) Nall hovers about where his house used to be. Did his housemates get out? Is there anything that he can use?

2) The tiny dragon flies around town seeking out his friends and keeping an eye out for food and water. He might not have hands right now, but it doesn't hurt to mentally map things out later.

3) Nall has to take a break from flying, the air is fowl and the physical exertion of flying is taking its toll. He's sitting on the sidewalk, coughing.

4) Nall looks down upon the corpse of a former drone with anger and sorrow in his kitty face. This isn't right... all of those people.]

Feather 10

[Phone call, public]

Is it wrong to hate the television as much as I do? I know it’s just an inanimate object, but darnit, it always seems to be the bearer of bad things to come. I’ve been here a year now and when it turns itself on or acts wonky, nothing good ever seems to follow.

…heh… I just realize, I’ve been here a whole year now. Joy.

Be careful, everyone.

[Phone call, filtered to chaos, Ilsa, and Tarvek]

So, who wants to celebrate the holiday in a group? Safety in numbers… last year I just ate some bad candy and acted a little silly, but this year, I somehow think things are going to be WORSE. I dunno, whatever’s coming might hit before Halloween, but it seems like holidays and bad stuff go hand in hand here.

…this is the first… disturbance that’s happened since Alex showed up here. Please… help me keep him safe.

[Phone call, filtered to Alex]

Get ready. In about a week, tops, things are probably gonna get messy.

[Action, 913 Bilko Boulevard]
[Family chat time? Nall wants to make sure everyone is prepared for whatever is about to go down, so he’s waiting to talk to everyone in the kitchen while he cooks up some dinner. Tuna noodle casserole, what else?]

Feather 9 - Special Milk

[So the milk arrived in the morning as it always did, and this time, it was Nall's turn to drink it. It went down easy, didn't taste any different than milk normally does. Maybe he got lucky and chanced to drink some every day, ordinary milk?



[Hey guys, try not to take offense when the sight of you makes Nall jump and cry out.]

[Action - Around Town]

[Nall is constantly moving around today, not staying in one place for very long. He's trying to avoid eye contact, keeping his head down,. He's purposefully not trying to look at anyone, muttering indestinctly under his breath. It's hard to make out exactly what he's saying, but if you've got really good hearing, you might overhear the word "please" reiterated often.]

Feather 8 - 100 % Droned

[Ahh, the life of a simple housecat. Nall’s needs are now exceedingly simple: Eat, sleep, and be contrary. Easy peasy.]

Action A - Ahhh, it's so nice and sunny out today. And what's better than curling up in the sunshine and taking a nap? That's exactly what he's gonna do... whereever he bloody pleases.

Action B – Mmm, that picnic food really smells taaastyyy. You can surely spare a little for a famished cat, can’t you? Nall appeals to your generocity by circling your legs, staring up at you with big brown eyes…

Action C – Don’t feel like sharing any of that food? Fine, Nall didn’t want it anyways. It looked icky. Watch him stalk away irritably… then leap at the food the moment you turn your back and make a break for it. Guess it did look tasty after all…

Action D – The sound of a low guttural growl alerts you to the fact that Nall has wedged himself into a tight space nearby. Something has got him agitated… maybe it’s the sounds of all of those fireworks going off all over town?


Feather 7

Blah blah blah, Nall's IntrospectiveCollapse )
[Phone, filtered to Tarvek]
Hey, Tarvek… don’t suppose you’ve got any of that scotch left?

[Action, later]
[Nall can be found chilling in the park in the afternoon. He’s lying flat on his back, watching the clouds, singing a little song to himself. While his human voice isn’t half bad, please feel free to interrupt him.]
~When I was alone as one,
My heart was as ice, so cold,
Wind whispering sweet melody,
I couldn’t behold~

Feather 6 - Action

[Well, Nall regained his ability to teleport recently... and sadly, it did not allow him to return to Lunar. Still, he's determined to make the best of it and put the ability to good use. Therefore, Nall has two objectives in his daily to-do list.

A) You'll be able to find the little not!cat flying around Mayfield, visiting all sorts of places: Makeouut point, Tiger Field, the streets, etc. He can't teleport to a location without having visited before, after all! He's keeping an eye out for familiar faces all the while, but is easily approachable to new faces too, so feel free to bother him!

B) Later during the day, he'll be waiting to talk to his housemates at 913 Bilko Boulevard. Perhaps now would be the time to strategize...]

Feather 5

[Uh oh. With this ballot business going on, Nall caught himself in the trap of sitting around and thinking too much. Never good, not for this guy. Time to get out of the house! Do something! Talk to some people! Yes, this is a good plan!

Today, Nall will be:

A) Flying around town aimlessly, just going whereever the wind takes him
B) At the school playground, sitting on one of the swings
C) Paying a visit to the church. He'd been meaning to check that place out for a while...

Nall's normally pretty outgoing, but today even moreso. He's offering everyone he runs into a big smile and a how do you do! He'll go back to thinking about things later, but for right now, he just really needs a break...]

Feather 4 - Action 913 Bilko Boulevard

[Free food? Free delicious looking food? Nall is suspicious. And yet, being the curious creature that he is, he couldn't help approaching the bird and poking it with his paw...

...and then bristling when a thunderous shriek echoed throughout the house.

As if that wasn't bad enough, now it sounds like there's a child crying somewhere in the house, despite the fact that everything is locked and no one can get in or out! This is something Nall cannot ignore. Housemates can find him searching the house...

...his fur hasn't settled yet.]

Feather 3 - Tangy candy

[You can find Nall all over the place today! He might be:
A) In (or trying to GET into) your own house ‘cause in Lunar it is TOTALLY COOL if you randomly enter other people’s abodes and sometimes take their belongings. Housemates, you may find the not!kitty rummaging through your stuff.
B) Stalking about as he follows you around town. You've done SOMETHING to attract his attention, but what could it be?
C) Asking you to join his party! Because great adventures take... well, all sorts of people to be successful endeavours. Cute girls especially! Cute girls make for the BEST adventure mates!

In all cases, he seems pretty dang chipper! Why, he's not even sure where he got this tiny fedora cap resting atop his tiny head, and it doesn't concern him in the slightest! You can even hear him singing a little ditty to himself!]

~ Well all the land was peaceful, and there's no threat to us at last,
Then come the time for love, two hearts colliding into one great hymn ~

Hmm... dragon relics, dragon relics, dragon relics. There's got to be some around here! Or some kinda treasure... Geez, I haven't seen a single chest yet! I wonder why they're so sparce here when you can find them all over the place back home!