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Nall, White Dragon of Lunar
8 April
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[Warning: Contains Spoilers]

Character Name: Nall
Character Series: Lunar: Eternal Blue
Character Age: 1015
Background: http://lunar.wikia.com/wiki/Nall
[A brief history of Lunar] In the beginning, the goddess Althena created the Blue Star and populated the world with the races of humans, beast men and dragons. The races cohabitated the planet peacefully under Althena’s watchful eye, growing and multiplying and worshipping Althena through song and dance for her benevolence as she aided them through her power of creation. However, this peace did not last, as Zophar, the god of destruction, arose in power, encouraging the darkness and hunger in the hearts of men and turning them against Althena and their fellow peoples. So violent was the war between the races that out of desperation, Althena was forced to directly intervene. In a last ditch effort to stop Zophar’s destruction, she withdrew her magic from the Blue Star and used it to seal him away, unfortunately leaving her world a barren wasteland in the process, unsuited to sustaining the lives of the inhabitants.

Althena used what power was left at her disposal to turn the moon orbiting the Blue Star into a new world for her children and moved the survivors to it. She left one lone girl named Lucia on the Blue Star to observe the planet’s recovery, so that one day in the distant future, when the world could once again support life, the races could resettle. However, the moon, now dubbed “Lunar” had not been without inhabitants before Althena gifted it with her power. This race of beings, hardened by the difficulty of surviving without Althena’s grace, frightened the new settlers, causing them to dub them “The Vile Tribe” and forcing them to live on the portion of Lunar Althena had not had the power to bless, which remained harsh and barren.

Althena in the meantime needed to recover her powers and thus the citizens of Lunar created a system to protect her. The humans gifted with magic created the flying city of Vane, which would eternally circle the tower in which Althena slumbered to protect her. The dragons, white, red, blue and black, promised to imbue their power into a single human who had proven his or her worth by completing trials to signify the strength of their body, mind and heart. This single individual, the Dragonmaster, would be Althena’s champion, serving her needs as she rested and overall acting in the best interests of the people. Occasionally, Althena would remove herself from her tower and reincarnate herself into a human to live amongst the people and watch over them more closely. This cycle persisted for hundreds of years, until the people had forgotten that they had ever lived on the Blue Star at all.

Althena eventually arrived at a sad realization. The Lunarians were forever looking to her for guidance and direction, trying to decipher her will in all the events that transpired in their lives. Because of her presence, they lacked a sense of independence and self-reliance. For their ultimate well being, Althena decided that she would have to remove herself from Lunar through one last reincarnation, which upon end would leave them truly on their own…

[Begin Lunar: Silver Star Story]
One evening, a family in the rural farming village of Burg were slumbering when a knock on the door awoke them. An old friend of the father paid them a visit bearing gifts: a baby girl and a white kitten with a brown streak of fur running from the tip of its head to the end of its tail. The man explained to the father that the girl and cat were very important and knowing that they had a child of their own, a young boy named Alex, asked him and his wife to raise the child alongside their own. The man and wife agreed, adopting the two into their house and dubbing them Luna and Nall respectively. Alex took to the two and everything seemed perfectly normal, until one day Nall sprouted wings from his back, began flying around, and started talking… and talking… and not shutting up. Though very strange, the family and their village accepted the creature, although they had no idea what he was (nor did he). Alex loved the flying cat as his best friend and the two, along with Luna and Ramus, the son of the village chief, grew up happy and content. Luna developed a beautiful singing voice that made her talk of the region, often accompanied in her vocals by Alex with his ocarina. While Luna seemed content in her life, Alex and Ramus dreamed of more. Ramus dreamt of an exciting life outside the small village and Alex, who had been raised on stories of the Dragonmaster Dyne, who had been born in Burg, and idolized him, dreamed of questing to become the next Dragonmaster.

One spring, as Alex paid a visit to the memorial to the fallen Dragonmaster Dyne, Ramus approached him and Nall with a proposition: since the weather was warming, the ice near the cave of the White Dragon would be melting, allowing entrance into it. Since it was early in the season, there was a chance that a couple of intrepid adventurers might be able to sneak into the cave while the dragon still slumbered and steal a dragon diamond, which Ramus planned to sell and make enough money to leave Burg. Alex, interested in seeing a dragon and having an adventure of his own, agreed to accompany him, and Nall promptly agreed to come too. Luna, learning of their plans, was not in favor of the idea, but wanted to keep a watchful eye on her friends, and aid them with the power of her songs (which had the power to heal wounds). And so the four entered the cave of the dragon only to find the dragon newly awakened from his winter hibernation. The dragon, named Quark, was merely surprised to find that he had guests and that one of them, Alex, bore green eyes, a sign of a potential Dragonmaster. He offered them a bargain: he would give them a dragon diamond if Alex could complete Quark’s trial: venture further into the depths of his cave and bring him back a treasure he had sealed away. Alex agreed to the challenge and completed it, and so Quark held to his end of the bargain, giving them the diamond and bidding Alex to venture away from his home and seek out the other three dragons of Althena. Should he find the dragons and complete their trials, he would obtain the rank of Dragonmaster. Alex thanked Quark and the four returned to Burg to plan what to do. Ramus learned that the dragon diamond was far too valuable to sell to any of the local villages and so he would have to take it to the mainland, to the city of Meribia to sell. Alex decided that he would seek out the dragons, and thus Nall agreed to go with him, vowing to follow his best friend wherever he chose to go, having full faith that Alex could achieve his dream. Once again, Luna was hesitant, but agreed to accompany them despite her fear of leaving the only place she’d ever known.

On the way to Meribia, the four met an apprentice mage of the Magic Guild of Vane named Nash. Nash provided aid to the group in reaching the mainland and seemed particularly intrigued with Luna’s vocal prowess. When they reached the mainland, he offered to bring Luna, Alex and Nall with him to the Magic Guild, where two of the Four Heroes of Althena resided, to learn of the locations of the other dragons. Ramus decided to part ways with the group in Meribia after selling the dragon diamond and procuring a shop from a merchant that had attempted to steal the gem from them. Nall, Alex and Luna traveled with Nash to the magic city of Vane and were received by Ghaleon, the premier of the guild and one of the Four Heroes Alex had idolized. Ghaleon explained to them that he could not accept Alex as a candidate for Dragonmaster as there had been reports of a Dragonmaster at the coastal city of Lann. However, if Alex was still determined, he bid him to visit the city and investigate the matter. Alex accepted and with Nall, Nash and Luna made their way to Lann.

In Lann, the group learned that the Dragonmaster in question was a fake using his abilities and a monster resembling a dragon to steal from the villagers. However, the party made a valuable ally: a priestess of Althena had visited the town to investigate the matter herself: Jessica De Alkirk, daughter of another of the Four Heroes, Hell Mel, governor of Meribia. Jessica joined them in their investigation temporarily and then parted ways as they returned to Vane to report to Ghaleon. Along the way, they learned of even more unsettling things, such as rumors that a Magic Emperor was emerging from the shadows to overthrow Althena, aided by the Vile Tribe, and that popular singers were mysteriously disappearing from villages all over Lunar.

The group planned to inquire into these matters further when they met with Ghaleon, but instead upon their return learned something even more disturbing: Lemia Ausa, head of the magic guild, had been imprisoned and replaced with an imposter, Xenobia, the leader of the Vile Tribe. Alex was imprisoned, but Nall fled, seeking haven with Lemia’s daughter, Mia Ausa, a kind, shy girl with whom he was admittedly rather taken. Mia helped Alex escape and together with Nash infiltrated the Crystal Spire where Luna had been taken and rescued the songstress. Xenobia was attempting to overthrow rest of Lunar to allow her people the chance to settle in a part of the world that Althena’s magic had graced. Ghaleon asked Alex, Luna and Nall to escort him to visit Quark so that he might learn something from the wise old dragon. Alex, Nall and Luna accompanied Ghaleon to Quark, where Ghaleon had a few interesting questions to ask, mainly regarding Luna. Nall and Alex had no idea what Ghaleon was implying with these questions, only that apparently Luna was someone very special, and Quark’s answers confirmed this to Ghaleon’s satisfaction. Ghaleon’s response was frightening and decisive. He revealed that he himself was the Magic Emperor directing the Vile Tribe and trapped Quark with a spell, sealing him and his powers away, then attacked Alex and Nall, kidnapped Luna and teleported away.

Nall and Alex were returned to Burg by a traveler they had met on their journeys, a powerful swordsman named Laike. Laike asked them what they would do now that their friend had been kidnapped, and the two resolved that they would save Luna, regardless of the personal cost. Laike applauded them and gifted them with a special item: the White Dragon Wings, which would transport them to any location they had already visited. Nall and Alex traveled back the cities their friends resided in to find them under attack by the Vile Tribe. Jessica, Nash and Mia decided to also join Alex to stop the Tribe and help rescue Luna. They were further joined by Kyle, a reformed brigand who had been a childhood friend to Jessica.

The group traveled to each of the other dragons, red, blue and black, and passed the dragon trials, earning Alex the Dragon Armor that would qualify him to be Dragonmaster. However in the end, the Vile Tribe succeeded in capturing all of the dragons as they had Quark. The party set out to the far reaches of the area known as the Frontier, where the remnants of the Vile Tribe dwelled and discovered a moving fortress called “The Grindery,” which Ghaleon would use to assault Vane and then the Goddess Tower. Mia rallied the magic of the flying city, and managed to force the Grindery to stop short of Althena’s Tower, but Vane sustained a hit from the Grindery that knocked it out of the sky. Alex and company infiltrated the Grindery, reaching the highest level to find Luna, now fully under Ghaleon’s control. Ghaleon revealed to the party that Luna was truly the reincarnation of Althena and directed her to use her power to make the Goddess Tower rise from the earth, where it orbited the world, sucking the life Althena had blessed it with right out of it. Ghaleon delivered a sound beating to the party, but before he could finish the party, Nall, panicked, managed to channel his inner power and teleport them away.

The group healed their wounds and reconvened at Dyne’s Memorial in Burg, met once again by Laike. This time, Laike had an interesting story to tell them… about how fifteen years ago, he had been Dragonmaster Dyne. As Dragonmaster, he had fallen in love with Althena, and to make her wish to disappear from Lunar a reality, sacrificed his power to aid in her final reincarnation. Ghaleon, Dyne’s best friend, did not approve of Dyne sacrificing his power or of Althena leaving the world. It was because of his anger against Althena for requiring a sacrifice to fulfill her dream and his lack of faith in his fellow men that Ghaleon had become the Magic Emperor, intending to use Althena’s power now drained from the planet to replace her as a god. Alex and his friends would now have to be the ones to resolve the matter.

The group rose to the challenge and Nall finally came to discover the truth of his nature: the new White Dragon of Lunar. Now understanding what he truly was, he transformed into an adult dragon and carried the party to Althena’s floating fortress, where they battled their way through the Vile Tribe sisters and defeated Ghaleon. However, to free Luna from the fortress and return Althena’s blessing to Lunar, Alex, like Laike before him, sacrificed his power as Dragonmaster. The two escaped and returned to Burg to live out their remaining days, as the world began rebuilding itself.

Unfortunately for Nall, Alex and Luna’s days fell far shorter than his. Being a dragon, Nall’s lifespan was thousands of years, in comparison to his friends, who were only human and capable of at most a century of life. Luna asked of him two special favors: when Lucia on the Blue Star awoke, Nall would direct her to a recording Luna had made, explaining her decision to end her existence, and also to deliver a letter to Hiro, the young man who would aid Lucia in her endeavors. Now that there would no longer be any Dragonmasters, Alex entrusted Nall with Althena’s Sword, the weapon of the ultimate power possessing the ability to heal people in addition to injuring them. Nall accepted Luna’s requests and Alex’s sword and stayed by them until the end, and then fell into a deep depression, hiding away from the world for almost 900 years. One day while flying, he found an orphaned child struggling for survival and took pity on it. Adopting the child (and a human form as a disguise), he settled into the remains of the Grindery. With the child by his side, Nall found that his bitter loneliness subsided. He traveled all over Lunar, taking in orphans and bringing them to the Grindery, now overgrown with foliage and dubbed Taben’s Peak after the mad scientist who had created it. He decided that the children would be welcome to stay with him until they grew taller than his human form, and then would have to leave and begin new lives as adults unaided.

This situation worked well for him and his children (which he called “The Dragon Kids”) until one day he received an unexpected visitor: Ghaleon. Zophar had finally broken Althena’s seal on him and roused Ghaleon from the afterlife, feeling his grudge against Althena and Lunar perfectly suitable to Zophar’s purpose of world destruction. Ghaleon ripped Nall’s dragon aura from him, leaving him unable to command the powers of an adult White Dragon. Soon after, Taben’s Peak was assaulted by a cult, which stole Nall’s children, taking them away to be trained into assassins. Nall despaired, now unable to protect the children he loved, but when things looked most grim, he was visited by a group of adventurers, accompanied by a fledgling red dragon named Ruby. This group, headed by Hiro whose presence Luna had foretold, was escorting Lucia, who had woken after Zophar’s revival and was seeking Althena to combat Zophar’s evil. Because Nall had lost his dragon aura, Lucia was unable to determine that he was the White Dragon. Nall prevented the group from passing through the Peak, forcing them to find his kidnapped children and return them to him, holding Lucia as a hostage until they did.

The adventurers rescued the children and Nall allowed them to pass, but continued to keep a watchful eye over them, to determine if Lucia could be relied upon to save Lunar, as well as to help Ruby accept her duty as Lunar’s Red Dragon, which he knew from personal experience would be heartbreaking. He aided the group as he could, and they aided him by defeating the fiend that held his aura captive and returning his power to him. Nall kept his promise to Luna, allowing Lucia to see Luna’s recording and after Zophar’s defeat, delivering Luna’s letter to Hiro. He offered Ruby the chance to live with him and the Dragon Kids on Taben’s Peak, promising to teach her how to transform into a human and companionship that would share her long lifespan.

Personality: Nall is a lot of attitude under all the fluff. Sharp-tongued and not afraid to speak his mind, if a body isn’t willing to take what comes out of his mouth with a grain of salt, they’re likely not going to get along with him. Verbal sparring is a lot of fun for Nall, rising to his challenge will make you grow in his esteem. It should be noted that with this not!cat, what you give is what you get. If you approach him with polite and honest discourse, that is what you’ll get from him. Snark (or ANY hint that you think he just might be a flying cat) will be met with snark. Accusing him of being a cat is a red button issue however, as Nall hates being accused of being a normal “dumb” animal (even though he really, REALLY likes fish!). While he often acts with a sense of superiority due to being a dragon (not only a dragon, but the Patriarch of the four dragons), his near immortality due to his race is something that causes Nall personal pain. Had he a choice in the matter, he would have lived a normal human lifespan along with his friends, as he misses them terribly. He carries the memories of time spent with his friends near to his heart, and it lifts him back up when he feels alone and sad.
The one noted exception to his snarkiness is girls, especially cute ones. Luna hammered manners when dealing with the fairer sex into Nall and he continues to abide by her instructions. Also, girls tend to find his not!cat form adorable and pamper him… and he’s alright with that! Positive attention is never a problem in his book. To make a pretty girl smile, Nall will flirt shamelessly, heap on compliments, or even make a complete ass of himself. So long as it gets results!
People able to overcome Nall’s tongue eventually come to see that he’s a rather generous and loyal individual. In particular, he’s very fond of children and goes out of his way to see to their comfort, much as he does with his Dragon Kids. To be blunt, Nall really likes people in general. Their lives by comparison to his are so short, he wants them to be as genuinely happy as possible. He has great faith in humans in general. While traveling with Alex and company, and overseeing the events of Lunar Eternal Blue, he’s found that humans time and time again are capable of wonderful and amazing things, and that while sometimes the occasional REALLY BAD apple surfaces amongst them, even they are capable of redemption.

Abilities: Shape change- Nall is able to shift between three different and distinct forms. First is his adolescent (flying kitty) form that he’ll be appearing in initially, second is a human form, and lastly his adult dragon form.
Magic – Nall is capable of casting healing magic and two dragon specific spells: White Dragon Protect and White Dragon Lightning. White Dragon Protect offers complete protection from ONE attack or offensive spell. After the attack has been nullified, so too is the spell nullified and needs recasting. White Dragon Lightning rains lightning bolts down amongst an area of enemies. He is also capable of teleportation, limited to places he’s visited previously.
Swordsmanship – In human form, Nall possesses above average strength and is capable of using several advanced sword techniques
LAZER BREATH – In adult dragon form only.

Mayfield Regains:
Dragon Aura
Healing Spell (minor)
Teleportation Spell
Transformation between human and adolescent dragon form
Human clothes
White Dragon Lightning
Bromide Collection